Your security is important to us as a company, thus through this cookie policy, we hope to quickly tell you, dear visitors, about the cookies that we use on our website, their intended uses, and how to modify your settings.

Please take a moment to read this Cookies Policy for an instant review of the types of personal information that are collected, why they are collected, and how they are processed through cookies in order to better serve you. You can read our Statement of Privacy or get in touch with us right away for further details.

How do cookies work?
Users’ devices store cookies, which are little files, to help them utilize websites more effectively. Users must be notified and given their approval in line with the Law on the Protection of Personal Information No. 6698 since user data is handled through cookies.

In order to guarantee that you, dear visitors, may make the most of our internet presence and enhance user experience, we also use a variety of cookies.

1. Required cookies
Cookies that are necessary to the operation of a website are those that turn on its essential features. Without these cookies, a website will not work properly.

2. Functional Cookies
Performance cookies are those that anonymously gather user usage data and preferences in order to enhance the functionality of the website.

3. Useful cookies
Functional cookies allow visitors to be recognised and remembered on subsequent visits based on how they have previously used the website, allowing websites to display the language, area, and region to users. Cookies that enable us to offer a customized service, like

4. Ad-supported cookies
Third-party cookies used for tracking visitor activity on websites are called advertising cookies. These cookies, which are under the control of the other organizations that own them, are used to assist display adverts that will be interesting to visitors.

What kind of personal information are processed through cookies?
We collect information about your identification (first and last names, dates of birth, etc.) including contact details (address, email, phone number, IP address, location, etc.) using cookies or manual techniques. and trucks in instances where analytical service providers are involved, Obtención, Registro, Almacenamento, and De Actualización Terceros Tales as Publicitarias Redes, BizQueda Information Providers, Technological Providers, and Trucks in El Marco and Duration of Service and Commercial Relationship Enter Us Trucks in Base A La De Condition Processing.

What function do cookies serve?
Las se cookies use boxes on our website to manage security, monitor functionality, and track sales in accordance with customer preferences, develop and personalize products and services, facilitate customer access to those products and services, and adhere to legal and contractual obligations. In order to connect users with a wider range of service providers, there are also cookies for advertising and information sharing with third parties.

What controls exist for cookies?
After all of these justifications, it is fully up to the free will or our users to decide which of our cookies will be used. By erasing or blocking cookies in your browser’s settings, you can modify your cookie choices immediately as you visit our website. You can also change those preferences at anytime in the future. You can consult our policy on privacy or get in touch with us via the contact page for more specific information.