delivers information, news, and products on a variety of topics; in keeping with these goals and the need to communicate with users, it developed certain publication standards. It is the first and biggest social media network in the country.

Our ideals and standards are expressed in our publication principles. The guidelines above regulate the ethical conduct we demand of all content producers and editors, whether they are the company itself or an outside firm producing content for each of the media listed below:


The site’s news and information cannot be posted without research. One of our major responsibilities in this approach is to produce realistic and impartial products that do not deceive readers, thus we must ensure their validity. Because of this, our editors place accuracy and dependability at the highest level of their list of requirements. For the sake of our users, we aim to minimize mistakes brought on by our ignorance and carelessness and to fix them as swiftly as we can.
We recognize the freedom to respond to and retract statements made in misleading publications.


Nobody in our material; refrain from making fun of them because of their color, gender, medical condition, political opinions, social status, social views, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation; We take care to avoid purposefully hurting vulnerable populations like minorities, children, and individuals with disabilities.
Publications on moral and religious problems are not permitted because they can incite hatred and undermine the integrity and unity of the country.
We avoid using news or content that is upsetting or insulting to the broad concept of ethical behavior, religious feelings, and fundamental principles. This limits freedom of mind, conscience, and speech.
Under the guise of criticism, we refrain from using language that degrade, denigrate, or smear natural individuals and/or legal persons.
We refrain from creating material that undermines human values and promotes aggression and bullying.
We take effort not to contain information or aspects in our writing or news that could harm people, encourage criminal activity, or, particularly, negatively affect violent crime situations.
We take care to ensure that our news and content do not go against societal norms, moral principles, or family structures. We steer clear of publications that could harm the family, which is the foundation of society.
We won’t deem someone “guilty” unless a court finds them to be such.


We believe that every aspect of our services upholds the dignity and fundamental rights of people.
We value privacy and never infringe upon it without justification. Except in circumstances with a blatant public interest, we don’t make private actions, communications, or discussions public.
We don’t disclose details about people’s private life unless it’s necessary for the sake of the public good.
Without their consent, we never utilize another person’s personal data or images as material.
We take care never to use language in our news or content that denigrates, humiliates, or defames people or organizations beyond what is reasonable criticism.


We take care to create our material, the services we offer, and the topics we cover by incorporating multiple points of view rather than just one.
We make an effort to be fair rather than biased because of this.
Our users can contribute to our site as well, even though site editors control the majority of the information. As a result, the variety of thinking and the expression of various concepts are crucial to us.